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Studies have shown that exercising during pregnancy gives you:

more energy

less discomfort

strength for labor, delivery and recovery

Amanda assists client

**We apologize for any inconvenience but Prenatal Pilates Mat Class is temporarily cancelled while soMEbody is out on maternity leave. Stay tuned for workshop opportunities this summer.**

You are about to begin an amazing journey over the next 9 months - and so is your body...

You wouldn't run a marathon without training, would you? Treat your upcoming birth the same way, and your body will be the better for it.

Did You Know?

Pilates is the BEST exercise for pregnant women!

Your exercise needs will change from month to month as your baby grows. Pilates is adaptable and can offer an array of exercises appropriate for each stage in your pregnancy. Although you may feel unmotivated, tired and nauseous, Pilates' low impact and mindful movements can be the perfect outlet.

Pilates exercises directly focus on the muscles that support the uterus - the deep transversus abdominus muscle - and the pelvic floor, which controls the flow of urine. Strengthening these muscles can also reduce your diastisis recti - the rectus abdominal muscle separation present in most pregnancies.

Check with your doctor or midwife before beginning any exercise program. If you have never done Pilates before, it is important to find a prenatal Pilates class or an experienced prenatal instructor.

Traditional Pilates exercises must be modified in various ways for pregnant women. B a l a n c e owner Amanda Martin specializes in Prenatal and Postpartum Pilates, providing instruction that teaches you to relax, engage and be aware of what your body needs at each stage.

I had the baby, now what?

The importance of a modified exercise program doesn't end with birth. The most crucial component of ANY post-partum exercise routine is restoring the normal function of the pelvic floor muscles and integrating the deep transversus muscle. The lifting and carrying of your newborn can be physically demanding on your upper body as well. A comprehensive Pilates program will target the muscles of the shoulder girdle, providing you with strength, stability and less strain on your back.

The preparation and caring for a newborn shouldn't be limited to the mother-to-be. It is important for partners to stay in shape as they assist during labor and help care for the newborn at home.

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